Friends of Forest Hill Cemetery

                          Adopt A Gravestone Program

I have started this program where one can "adopt" a gravestone by which one agrees to clean said gravestone(s) in the historic area, under our supervision, within 60 days of adoption. It could be a family stone(s) or just one that you find interesting or maybe like the carving and want to preserve it.  Whatever the reason, please contact me if you would like to "adopt".

We have one lady who has "adopted" 17 of her family gravestones.  Another group has "adopted" a whole row of gravestones which number 16 stones.  The Molly Reid Chapter, DAR has adopted all 6 stones in  General and Molly Reid's  family lot

If you would like to participate, please contact me at            Forest_hill_cemetery07 at yahoo dot com

                                Restoration Update

We just finished restoring 157 +/- gravestones thanks to the town of Derry, the Derry Heritage Commission and Arthur's Memorials of North Conway, NH!!

 The Derry Heritage Commission contracted to have four plaques which were installed on the gate posts at the main entrance.



You can read about General Thom here


 Landscaping by the Molly Reid Chapter, D.A.R. and the Derry Garden Club plaque.


                       More Exciting News from the Hill

Lucy Gregg is getting a much needed restoration of her dilapidated fence!!!!

A candidate for Eagle Scout has chosen to conduct a clean the gravestones day.  We are honored and grateful that he has chosen Forest Hill restoration as his project.  


                       Entrance to Forest Hill Cemetery


Located in East Derry, New Hampshire, the cemetery, encompassing 35 acres and over 10,000 burials, dates back to ca 1722.  Forest Hill is Derry's only cemetery and is still an active cemetery.                                                       

 The First Settler's are interred here as well as many of their descendants.  The main road into the cemetery is appropriately named "First Settler's Street". 

"Show me the manner in which a Nation or community cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land, and their loyalty to high ideals." Gladstone

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   The Upper Room's beautification contribution

 There once was a very large old tree.  For many years, after it fell, the stump just sat there looking lost and forlorn.  It was home to nothing but unsightly weeds & was an eyesore.  Thanks to Alan Cote & the cemetery crew, the stump was cleaned out and dirt put in for this project.  Through the efforts of the kids from the Upper Room and their staff, the old stump has taken on a new life.  Here's the stump.....

 Here is the group working on their project....

The project is finished & the kids have taken on the responsibility of caring for the plants.  Now if we could only have some sun, the plants should thrive.  After this, the kids worked with me on scraping lichen off some gravestones.                                     

 Do you know where in the cemetery this stump is located?