Friends of Forest Hill Cemetery

                                2010 Updates to website

 22 July  Added some photos on Our Fences page = more to come when I have time

03 March  Added photos of Feb storm to Storm Damage page.

                     2009  Updates to website


11 Aug   Added pdf's to the In the News page.

06  Aug  Added the latest news article to the In the News page

27 July  Added photo Gettsbury at Dawn on Our Veteran's page.

18 July  Added Please Help Us Restore...  page.

04 July  Added page for stones listed in Ripley's Believe It or Not

01 July  Added a link to the Derry Museum of History on the What is a cemetery page. 

28 June  Added Our Fences page.  Added more photos to both of Jon's Workshop.  Still more to add when time permits.

25 June  Added photos from the Upper Room's surprise to the Home page 

22 June  Added a quote to the home page and another one to the Who we are page.

21 June  Updated What is a Cemetery page. 

14 June  Removed Workshop Reservation page and replaced it with info & photos from Jon Appell's Workshop.  Added date for working on the fence & gate on the Calendar.  Removed Upcoming Events page.

31 May  Removed one event from Upcoming Events page.  Added Tabor Memorial Day ceremony photos to the Past Events page. 

28 May  Updated the Calendar. 

23 May  Added some photos to the Gravestone Carvings page.

22 May  Updated Our Veterans page 

21 May   Finished the Ice Storm page.  Added music to Our Veterans and Tours of Forest Hill pages.

20 May   Added a Contact Us page but noticed that I can only receive 25 messages a month.  Added some photos to the Ice Storm page. 

19 May   Updated 2 Upcoming Events page and Our Veterans page. 

18 May    Changed "Announcements" page to "What's New" so visitors can quickly see what has been added since last visit.

17 May    Added pages for:                                                                 "Our Veterans" and "D.A.R. Members" with  links to their findagrave memorial pages.  More will be added at a later date.

16 May   Added new photo of main gate to "Home" page;  added more info on Conservation Workshop to the "Calendar" page; added new page "Gravestone Carvings" ;  Added photos to "Past Events" page;  Added page "Tours of Forest Hill"