Friends of Forest Hill Cemetery

                      Feburary 2010 storm damage

 Another storm hit this area but this time no ice, just wind, wind, more wind and rain/snow with trees & wires down.  Took nearly a week for power to be restored.  Get the feeling one needs a generator if they live in this area?

                                  Kelley Avenue

 Tree is blocking road.  Do not know as of yet if any stones were damaged



                              Cemetery Road area

 Fortunately there are no stones where these two trees were uprooted.


                                             Historic Area - East

 The next set of photos are of the same tree.  We will not know how much damage has been done to the stones until the DPW removes the tree.  Notice the root ball on the left.

and th tree kept on going.....


 and ended across the road on the West side.  It "was" a tall one!!

How nice the West side looks thanks to the volunteers from the Friends who cleaned and straightened the stones in this area last summer.


                                          We were lucky

 We were lucky that the tree wasn't more to the left as it would have taken the Thom family monument

At the other end (tree root end) we lucked out again....  Much more of that tree root and we would have lost the intricately carved stone of Dr. Philip Godfrid Kast


December 2008 - Trees, gravestones and ice do not make for a good mix


 December 11, 2008 this area had an ice storm and as a result many stones were damaged. In this area of NH alone over 400,000 were without power, some for up to two weeks.  Now don't get me wrong, I do love trees - just not in a cemetery and this is the reason why as you will see in the photos.

Kudos to the cemetery crew at Forest Hill.  They did an awesome job in cleaning up the major debris. Thank You also to the Friends of Forest Hill Cemetery and the residents of Derry & East Derry who pitched in and moved small limbs and raked debris to help the crew.

    December 13th looking through the ice encrusted fence.

  December 13th - East side of the Historic area

Same area as above but zoomed in to view damage down in the middle of above photo.  It was too dangerous to walk under those trees!!!!

  December 13th - West side of Historic area

   All of the following photos were taken December 16 - Finally the ice has melted!!  East Historic area

  West side of the Historic area

 Some other areas of the cemetery that I could get into.

 I was glad to see the monument of H. P. Hood survived.  It's the tall   one on the left near the tree.

 And then the snows came, day after day.  One day when the sun was   shining I grabbed this photo as a jet flew over.

  .... and then Spring arrived and the cleanup got underway in earnest.