Friends of Forest Hill Cemetery

                         Our Main Fence

The main cemetery fence and gate was donated by General George Thom

 In June 2010, the Air Force JROTC from Pinkerton Academy and members of the Friends of Forest Hill cemetery painted the fence & gate in one day.  It had previously been power washed by Bob & Eileen  Cox, and primed by Tim & Àdele 

The Derry Heritage Commission commissioned four plaques to be  made and installed at the main gate.  Here are the plaques








I love old wrought iron fences.  They have a character that one does not see in the new fences of today.  We only have a few fences in Forest Hill and here they are .....

Below is one of the small gates on either side of the main gate at Forest Hill. The fence is the same design.  ca 1852 (or so we think)

Lucy Gregg - our only wooden fence.   Sign up for a tour and you will find out what happened to her. 

Nesmith Family with a gate

First Settler's fence - you can see a photo of it on the Home page but here is a  closeup shot to show the detail.


General George Reid & family.  There are two like this, the other surrounds the lot of General Elias Haskett Derby.

Eastman family - grape vine - gate missing for many years

and my most favorite is that of James Palmer 's Lyre fence which is in very sad condition