Friends of Forest Hill Cemetery

                 Straightening Gravestones

 We learned that gravestones leaning backward or forward are in more danger than those leaning side to side.  Here we see the stone of Agnes Morrow which was straightened.  We learned that when removing a stone one should carefully rock it side to side.


 We then moved on to straighten Jemima Hunter's stone.  Her husband, Robert Hunter, was one of two known soldiers from Derry who died in the Revolutionary War.

Below T.J. is removing soil from around the base while trying to preserve the grass.  This is a job for two people thus Richard is bracing the stone while the soil is removed.




Here Jonathan is removing the stone from the ground.  Notice that he is removing it side to side.


Now it is time to dig a new hole.  Measurements were taken of the base of Jemima's stone and then T.J. got to work & dug the hole.  Here he is measuring to make sure it is deep enough.  Photo courtesy of KenT.


 This is a work in progress..... more photos to be added when I have time